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[FANFIC] Flood of Love - ch 7

Title: Flood of Love
 author: Twiglet71
genre: angst
Length: chaptered 
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
summery: Jaejoong has had to face the hardest time of his life - but love will get him through.

Chapter 7

Yunho’s POV
I can’ tell you how long we waited. We sat in a line, silently watching the double doors opposite. As tired as I felt, my anxiety coupled with the uncomfortable, plastic monstrosities that pass themselves off as chairs ensured I was wide awake. I know the others felt the same. We occasionally exchanged glances, the need to say anything long gone, well since five minutes after Jae was wheeled away from us through those haunting double doors. My mind strayed back to the moment we parted. I held on to his hand for as long as I could, I didn’t want to let go. I told him I would be waiting for him and that I loved him. He smiled encouragingly and as the double doors closed behind him and his entourage of nurses and doctors I heard him shout “I love you Yunnie!”

The memory of his parting words filled my eyes with tears. I hadn’t cried since our last private conversation, preferring to be strong for him and the others. When I joined the others they surrounded me and filled my ears with platitudes such as “He’ll be fine”, “he won’t leave us.”….I think this was for their benefit as much as mine. Then the long silent wait started. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with feelings I’d rather not feel. Feelings of love, doubt, dread, fear and insecurity. I could feel my eyes fill up and my heart became heavy. I had an overwhelming need to scream, to release everything inside of me. At that moment our manager walked in.
“Any news?” he asked
Everyone just shook their heads, too emotionally drained to talk. He tried again.
“How is everyone? Anyone hungry or thirsty?”
It was that one normal, casual statement that opened the flood gates. I could feel my eyes sting and my chest tighten. I couldn’t breathe properly and my throat felt like it would not be able to release the sickness my stomach was trying to expel. I stood as if by reflex but my body rebelled and my heart clenched painfully as I fell to my knees. All I remember is screaming for my Jaejoong, asking him not to leave me. Screaming that I loved him and I couldn’t live without him. I felt arms enclose me as I struggled and pounded the floor. It’s as if my voice and body belonged to someone else and I couldn’t control them. The over whelming pain was too much for me, my heart and head was at the point of bursting. All I could here was loud sobs, sobs other than mine and all I could feel were arms holding me and rocking me. It was at this point that the darkness won and took over.
When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was the friendly looking face of an elderly nurse. I was helped to my feet and plonked into a chair. Yoochun sat next to me and held me close, whispering soothing words into my ear. We sat like that until the double doors of gloom opened and two of the entourage walked towards us. We jumped from our seats to meet them. As soon as they reached us I could see the t they were smiling. The doctor’s mouth was moving and words were coming out but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what he was saying. The others were smiling and suddenly we were shaking the doctor’s hand. As the boys pulled me our manager and Jae’s parents into the tightest group hug I’d ever experienced all I could think was. “He’s alive, my Jaejoong’s alive.”

I sat by his bedside, the rhythmic shushing and bleeping of machines lulling me into an exhaustion driven trance. He looked so pale and weak. His skin was pasty and looked even thinner as it was swamped by the large bandage on his head. It had been eight hours and despite the doctors pleading for us to go and get some rest we vowed to stay by his side until he woke up. Easy chairs were bought into the room by the nurses when they realised we were not leaving. Min was sprawled across his chair and he snored gently. Su and Chun were snuggled up together snoozing. I was perched on the edge of mine so I could lean on the bed and hold my lovers hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his face. It’s as if I was willing him to open his eyes. The op had been a success. The tumour was removed and the doctors suspected there would be no permanent damage. Jae would have to have a couple of doses of radiotherapy to ensure all traces of the malignant growth were gone. He could wake up at any time and I wanted my face to be the first thing he saw, my eyes to be the first he looked into.
So many Cassies and reporters were still camped outside the hospital waiting for news. When Jae came out of the operating theatre it was the boys who went outside and delivered the good news everyone had been waiting for. News crews had recorded the fans reaction. There were tears, laughter, cheering and hugs from everyone. Now they were waiting for Jae to wake up. I wanted to be the one that delivered that piece of news to them. It was about an hour later when I felt his hand twitch in mine. As his hand movements became stronger he started to lick his lips. I called for the others to wake up, which they did instantly. Suddenly my baby’s eyes opened. Through my tear blurred vision I could see him struggle to keep them open. He looked at me and my heart all but burst with happiness when his beautiful but croaky voice uttered the words “Yunnie, I’m thirsty.”
I stood on the steps of the hospital and couldn’t believe my eyes. The front of the hospital was awash with red balloons and candle being held aloft by our beautiful but bald fans. Reporters and news crews stood poised to record my statement. I had hastily scribbled some notes on a scrap of paper to keep my thoughts straight and my statement in order.
“Hi everyone. About an hour ago Jaejoong woke up.” There were cheers and sobs from the fans. “The first words he said were ‘Yunnie I’m thirsty’. After a thorough examination by his medical team they have reported to us that the operation was a success and there seems to be no permanent damage to his brain. He will undergo a short course of radiotherapy as a precautionary measure and will stay in this hospital until he is strong enough to leave. We don’t know how long that will be. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support. You will never know how much strength we have gained from that support.” I could feel my eyes fill up and my voice broke. I put my scrap of paper in my pocket.
“We truly love you Cassiopeia, you cannot imagine how much we love you and how grateful we are that we have you. This has been the most difficult time of our lives. It has been the most horrendous time for Jae. He has suffered so much pain and anguish but all he has ever thought about is how others are feeling. After months of heartache we now look forward to happier times with you. Jae sends a message to you. He thanks you all for being here and he said now you can grow your hair back!”

A/N Just the epi to go now. Thank you to everyone that has read this and commented.