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[FANFIC] Flood of Love - epilogue

 title: Flood of Love
author: Twiglet71
genre: angst
length: chaptered
pairing: rating
summery: After all the heart ache and pain of the past ten yaers Jaejoong counts his blessings.

A/N: I would just like to thank everyone who has followed this fic. Thank you for the lovely, encouraging comments. if there are any silent readers I understand that sometimes its hard to comment. but to all those who have taken the time to comment - thank you so much! 
I could hear the front door slam and the excited jabbering of four noisy children. Well there was only two eight year olds, the other two were supposed to be adults. Changmin entered my room with a cup of coffee which he handed to me. “Chun and Su are here.”
“I heard.” We looked at each other and laughed. Yunnie entered the room from our bathroom.
“Ready Jae?” He reached down and kissed my cheek.
“Yes hun. I just want to finish my coffee.” I gestured the cup to him.
“OK. I’m just going to get the kids ready and into the car. I’ll see you down stairs.”
Ah…the kids. The twin boys we adopted five years ago. Yunho and I had been visiting them since they were two and half years old. That was four and a half years after my operation and six months before my five year check up. Tragically their parents had been killed in a car accident and as both were only children with elderly parents the twins were placed in an orphanage. We heard about them from Choi dong Wan, a junior doctor who Min had started dating. We visited them regularly and had decided that if I got the all clear at my check up we would start adoption proceedings. Thankfully I did get the all clear and a few months later Jisung and Jiwan were officially our sons. We decided to maintain contact with their natural grandparents, which was a good decision. Our children were lucky in that they had four sets of grandparents, who incidentally, had become good friends too. It also meant we had an abundance of trusted and eager babysitters.
I finished my coffee and made my way downstairs. Min was the only one left in the house. “Everyone’s waiting in the cars Jae.” Min took my hand and looked into my eyes. “Everything is going to be ok today Jae. I can feel it.” I kissed his cheek and we left the house hand in hand. Min headed to Yoosu’s car while I headed towards ours. I opened the door and slipped in to cries of “Daddy! Where were you?”
“Hey boys, I was just finishing my coffee. Did you miss me?” To which they giggled and assured me they did.
Yunho leant over and kissed me chastely on the lips, after all our sons were present. “Are you ready Jae?” There was more behind that question than it seemed. Yunho knew I had been anxious about this day for a while and it had affected my eating and sleeping habits.
I smiled. “Absolutely.” Although anxious I had started to get a good feeling about today. It was the day I received the results from my ten year check up. If there were any signs that another tumour would appear it would be devastating for us. Getting through it the first time was hard enough – and I was ten years younger then! If I had to fight that battle now I don’t think I would win this time.
For the whole journey Yunho and I chatted and laughed with each other and the kids. I watched my handsome husband as he drove. He hadn’t shown many signs of aging, just the odd laughter line here and there. He was such a strong person and had always been my biggest strength. He was an incredibly good father to our sons, with just the right balance of discipline and love. Our sons, although never going without, were good unspoilt boys. Yunho had instilled good qualities like kindness and gratitude into them. I survey my precious family and thanked the heavens again for giving them to me.
We arrived at the hospital and when everyone had parked and disembarked we made our way to the doctor’s office. I suddenly felt nervous. Although I had been well for the last five years this check up was really important to me. I just hoped I got the all clear again.
My name was called and I kissed my children and told them to be good for their uncles. We had told the boys about my illness, in abridged form, leaving out the nasty details. We felt it was best to be honest with them. Yunho and I looked at each other, took a deep breath and entered the doctor’s office.
“Hello Mr. Kim, Mr. Jung. Please take a seat. The doctor bowed and gestured towards the chairs.
“Thank you doctor.” Yunho clasped my hand so tight I thought he was going to break it.
“I have you brain scan and blood test results here. After close scrutiny by myself and my colleagues I can tell you that, along with the results of your physical examination, I can safely say you are 100% cured.” Yunho and I looked at each other and the relief on both our faces was clearly evident. The doctor continued “I can categorically state that the tumour was a one off event and there is no reason to suppose it will re-occur.” Doctor Choi smiled as Yunho and I embraced each, wiping away each other’s tears. He took his doctors coat off and laughed. “Doctor Choi has now gone and here is your friend Dong Wan. “ That said he joined in the group hug. “Let’s go out and tell the others. Especially that stress head boyfriend of mine.”
“Thank you Dong Wan.” I hugged him tightly “You don’t know how relieved we are!” I smiled at the young man that we’d known for the last 10 + years. He joined the oncology team as a junior doctor and had taken over my care when my doctor retired. He became friends with Min, that friendship growing into a loving relationship and they had lived together for the past five years. He had been a tower of support for Yunho and I and the best doctor anyone could hope for. We left his office and were immediately met by our family.
“ALL CLEAR!!” I shouted and I couldn’t smile hard enough. I laughed as my boys shouted “Daddy passed his test!!” Everyone was hugging and there were “thank God’s and lots of tears.
I looked around and Min was on his phone, no doubt to my parents. He put his phone in his pocket and called for attention. “Right everyone! We’re off to Grandpa Jung’s!!! He has lots of cake and ice cream for good little boys.” Min grabbed my son’s hands and led the way out of the hospital.
We piled into our cars and it was clear the celebration had already started. Junsu was cheering out of his car window as he pulled out of his parking space; he was also sounding his car horn. I smiled and looked behind me. My beautiful sons were chatting away and laughing with their other dad and through the rear window I could see the car carrying my four best friends behind us.
I pulled out my phone and hastily dialled. “Heechul! Yes we’re just leaving the hospital now. Please print the ‘good news’ statement we prepared. Don’t print the ‘bad news’ one by mistake!” I laughed along with the newspaper editor who was also a very dear friend. After all these years we now produced other artists and composed music rather than performing it ourselves but our Cassiopeia still followed us loyally and so we still featured regularly in the press. “Yes. We’re off to Grandpa Jung’s for cake and Ice cream. See you there soon; I know the paper can do without you for the rest of the day.”
As we headed to Yunho’s parents house I knew exactly what would be going on there. There would be an abundance of food and drink, lots of music and cake! Lots and lots of cake! I’m sure it would be even grander than the five year party and the adoption party combined. I thought about my life ten years ago and the hardship we all endured. It was the toughest time in our lives but it was also a time when I realised how wonderful people could be. My family, our friends and our fans all sent me a flood of love and it was that love that gave me the will to live and carry on. I thought about my life now and what I had. My wonderful new family had made my life complete. My best ever friend in the world, my wonderful Yunho, had made my happiness complete. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.