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[fan Fic] To Insanity and Back

 title: To Insanity and Back
author: Twiglet71
genre: angst
length: chaptered (3/?)
pairing: Yunho/ jaejoong
rating: pg13
summery: They become closer and Jae feels happy at last.

Chapter 3
The evening at Yunho’s was great fun. As soon as they got back Yunho changed out of his costume, not without a few protests. Everyone say about chatting and laughing about the rehearsal. It was to happen in two days time and everyone was so excited. All the tickets were sold out and it promised to make a lot of money for the HIV charity. Jae yawned and decided it was time to call a taxi and make his way home. He opened th3e door to the closed off part of the apartment. As he approached the bed room he noticed the door was ajar and he could hear voices. It was Min and Yunho.
“What are you going to do?” His best friend was speaking in quite hushed tones.
“I don’t know.” Yunho sighed. “The whole thing is driving me crazy.”
“Just tell him. What have you got to lose Yunho?”
“Jae’s friendship for a start. I’ll just have to comfort myself with his friendship…….I don’t think he’ll appreciate the fact that I’m falling in love with him…..”
Jae slipped back through the door and made his way to the kitchen area, his mind reeling from the snippet he’d just overheard. As he replayed it in his mind he heard a cough and as he looked up his eyes met Yunho’s. “Hey Jae, everything alright? Do you want another drink?
As their eyes held each other’s gaze Jae could feel his heart thumping.
“No thanks Yun. I’m really tired so I’m going home.” The other man smiled
“Oh right. I’ll call you a cab. Will I see you tomorrow?”
“No I’m going to be busy but I’ll see you at the club for the concert. You were really good tonight. You are going to steal the show.” With that he reached up and kissed Yunho on the cheek. Yunho wrapped his arms around Jae, pulling him closer and kissing him gently on the lips. Jae pulled away, shocked. Just then Dong Wook and Min strolled over.
“Mind if we share your cab Jae?”
“Course not.” With that they all said their goodbyes and wandered down to get their taxi.

Changmin was running about like a mad person. People were milling about everywhere chatting and laughing. It was 10 minutes to the beginning of the concert and Jae had been sent to rally the performers and make sure they were ready. He made his way to the dressing rooms to hurry everyone along but hesitated before he entered Yunho’s. Since the night before last he’d decided to try not to be alone with the handsome man too much in the future. His very loose control on his feelings was slipping and after the chaste but intimate kiss they shared the night of the rehearsal his feelings had become even more intense. He felt a craving to be near the other man. He loved his company and really liked being his friend but at the same time he felt his heart hurt because it wanted a closer connection to him. He kept telling himself that he wouldn’t fall in love but if he was honest with himself – it was too late.
He walked away from the dressing room and made his way to the nearby bathroom. He needed to be alone for a few minutes, to cool down and reflect on his feelings. Tonight he was going to see a lot of Yunho and he could feel his heart clench tight at that thought. As he leant over the sink splashing his face with cold water he heard the door open. He looked up to see Yunho standing behind him. Their eyes met in the mirror and Jae felt his resolve melt.
“Hey Jae. Can you give me a hand? I can’t get this eyeliner right. Yunho handed him the make-up. Jae Smiled.
“That’s because you are used to make up girls pampering you!”
Yunho laughed “Be my make up girl Jae.”
Jae took the eye pencil from him and stood close. Instead of tilting his head back the singer just stared into his eyes. Jae couldn’t look away, he was drawn into Yunho’s eyes. He felt a lump rise in his throat. Both men drew closer to each other until their lips met. The kiss was gentle and chaste. As it ended Yunho drew away, he looked pained, as if he expected the other man to have a go at him. Jae couldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t resist the other man any longer. He put his arms around Yunho’s neck and drew him closer, their lips meeting again. Suddenly Yunho’s tongue was gently probing his lips and he let the other man in. He felt heady, giddy. He held Yunho tighter and revelled in the feeling of his arms around his waist holding him tight. He could feel the singers body against his own, lean and hard. ‘Oh my god’ he thought ‘If this is love I want it. I want this feeling’ as the kiss ended he rested his forehead against Yunho’s.
“Yunho….” Both men spoke at once.
“You first Jae” The singer smiled tenderly
“What is this? What are we?” Jae almost pleaded.
“I hope it’s real. I want it to be serious; I want us to be together.” The singer gently kissed jae’s eyelids as the tears began to fill them.
“Yunho, I want that too. I just don’t want to get hurt.2
“Oh Jae, the last thing I want to do is hurt you.” Yunho kissed his lips tenderly. “Jae I think I’m falling in love with you. The first time I saw you I experienced feelings I have never experienced before. You don’t know how much I have wanted to do this over the last few weeks.” Jae rested his head against Yunho’s gently.
“I feel the same way too. I’ve never felt this way before either.” For the next few minutes the two men held each other close, savouring the emotions coursing through them. Without warning the door burst open and a panic stricken Min burst in.
“There you are Jae! I’ve been looking for…………Oh sorry.” The embarrassed man stopped at the sight of his two friends in each other’s arms.
“It’s ok…In fact it’s very ok.” The singer laughed and kissed Jae on the nose.
Min smiled “I take it you two have sorted things out?”
“Yes we have. Well I think we have……………..haven’t we Yunho?” Jae sounded so unsure that Yunho’s heart sank.
“Of course. We’re together now. We’re exclusive aren’t we baby?” Yunho kissed Jae on the nose again and the young man looked at him with love filled eyes.
“Well now that’s sorted out can I be a pain and whisk Yunho away? We’re starting the concert now.”
“Ok Min, let me just do Yunho’s eyes.”

The heavy beat of the music started. All of the acts had been on and had received a good reception. Now it was Yunho’s turn. Being the highlight of the evening and a celebrity his performance was last. Jae was seated in the front row where he was joined by Dong Wook and Min. He took in his new lover’s fit body as he came onto the stage. Yunho looked at Jae and smiled.
“Before I start I’d just like to dedicate this performance to a very special person – the person who owns my heart.” His eyes met Jae’s and there was a ripple of murmurs in the audience as people speculated as to who the lucky person could be.
“Who is he talking about Min?”
“Our Jae.”
“When did this happen?” Dong Wook looked miffed that Min knew but hadn’t told him.
“Earlier, backstage. I thought Jae would want to tell you himself.” Dong Wook looked across and smiled as he saw his ex gaze at his friend with adoration. “It’s about time. These two have been driving me mad with all the unresolved feelings flying around lately.
Jae was watching his lover perform. Yunho was exuding sex appeal and Jae’s mouth felt dry as he watched Yunho’s hips move in time to the music. As the performance ended Jae stood and clapped, drawing everyone’s attention. He quickly sat down and waited for everyone else to start to applaud before he stood again. Yunho looked at him and blew him a kiss.
Luckily the post performance discussion was brief. Jae wanted to be alone with Yunho, even if just for a few minutes. A group of men by the door cornered Jae and Yunho.
“Come on Jae just a couple of hours. We need to celebrate!”
“I can’t tonight. I have to be up early for work tomorrow.” Dong Wook joined them “If you worked for me I’d give you tomorrow off.” He’d been trying to get Jae to quit his job as a teacher for some time now. He did a bit of work for the club but Dong Wook wanted him there full time. Jae just wouldn’t leave his job as substitute teacher as he love working with kids.
“I have an early start too Jae so I’ll drop you off home.”
Jae smiled up at the singer “Thank you Yunho.”

When they arrived at Jae’s they kissed lovingly.
“I’ll ring you tomorrow baby. Can I see you tomorrow night?” Jae felt elated at Yunho’s request.
“Of course. Come round and I’ll cook for you.” After a few more minutes of hugging and kissing Jae left the car and went to his apartment. He couldn’t stop thinking about the night and Yunho. He eventually fell asleep with a smile in his face.

a/n It's been a long time since the last update. Life has been hectic lately :(


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Jun. 1st, 2011 09:35 am (UTC)
They are finally together! I just hope this is not the start of a tragic ending T_________________T
Jun. 1st, 2011 05:25 pm (UTC)
I will warn you that the next chapter is the attack. I will be posting it later if I get time. I don't think it is too graphic - I wanted to capture the feelings rather than anything else. It will be a bit tragic but with this fic I want to show how people can over come adversity and how sometimes the weaker person ends up becoming the stronger and visa versa. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Sorry for the late updates but work has been so busy xxx
Jul. 6th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
awww jo it was sweet and sensuous! haha i loved the eyelier toilet kiss scene! haha i love mins character lol he seems liek a bit liek a bitchy gay boy whose also a bit flouncy and dramatic haha :) :P xxx
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