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23 March
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I am a Mum, teacher and avid fanfic reader. My mission is to turn the country into DBSK fans, staring with my pupils. I work long hours as a teacher as there is so much preparation to go into every lesson.I had my children very young but I don't regret it as now I have a lot in common with them as regards music, socialising etc. In fact my girl and I even share some of the same friends. I would say we are sort of like sisters although the Mother - daughter respect is there. My philosophies in life are 'live and let live', 'You only live once' and 'Hate is a very negative expenditure of energy so love people whenever you can'. When I was very young and carrying my son (4 months preg) the love of my life, my soulmate was killed in a road accident.It is his honour that I live the way I do and enjoy myself. Death fics make me sad but they are compulsive reading. I have a lovely son that reminds me of his father everyday so I have no regrets about falling in love with someone who was destined to die. I also have a thing about Oriental men. I think they are beautiful to look at, my only regret in life is never having had the opportunity to go out with one!
dbsk (of course), meeting new people, music, partying, reading, wandering around chinatown.